Key Executives

Key Executives


  • John W Cutter

    John W. Cutter

    Mr. Cutter retired from the New York City Police Department after a successful twenty-five year career. His last position was as the Deputy Chief in the Criminal Intelligence Section where he was responsible for all counter-terrorism initiatives for the department’s Intelligence Division. Mr. Cutter began his career as a…

  • Robert A. Wise

    Robert A. Wise
    Vice President

    Mr. Robert A. Wise brings over 33 years of combined public and private law enforcement experience to JCI as the Vice President of the New Jersey Division. Prior to his current position, Robert had been the Vice President of a prominent New York based security company for six years. Mr. Wise was responsible for the daily…

  • David Lee-Sam

    David Lee-Sam
    Account Manager

    David began his career over 34 years ago in the security world. In addition to his experience in security management he has 29 years of Law Enforcement experience. He served as a Supplemental Police officer in Trinidad & Tobago, rising to the rank of Assistant Superintendent. He also served…

  • Tom Wall

    Tom Wall
    Account Manager

    Tom began his security career in 2003 with OCS Security where he was quickly recognized as a proven performer and quickly rose through the ranks where he saw ever increasing responsibilities from year to year. During his time with OCS, Tom was responsible for overseeing armed and unarmed security to…

  • Rennie Pesante

    Rennie Pesante
    CT District Manager

    Through his distinguished 20 year career, he has seen ever increasing responsibilities. From his early days as a security manager to director of operations for the east coast, Rennie continues to deliver unparalleled service to all of his clients. He has a very diverse background having worked for…